Meet Laurie Cook

Hello. I’m Laurie Cook, Legal Assistant to Richard Noble. I have worked as a legal secretary and as a legal assistant for over 20 years. One of my jobs is to make sure that your Estate Planning documents are accurate and that you get them in a timely fashion.
I also work with clients who are terminating Living Trusts or going through probate. I have special training in probate. I work closely with the clients to ensure that the proper documentation is forwarded to the Probate Coordinator for review before the Probate Judge signs any orders or decrees. I also help our clients keep track of estate income and expense. This minimizes problems when preparing the accountings that must be filed with the Probate Court, and for fiduciary income tax returns. Our goal is to conclude the probate as soon as reasonably possible so that the heirs can receive their distribution.

My direct phone number is (503) 635-6234. If Mr. Noble is unavailable, I am a backup person. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about your Estate Plan. Email me at