The Simple Steps of Setting Up Your Plan

Step 1. Contact Oregon Legal Center.   In order to properly advise you on what is the most appropriate estate plan for you, the attorney needs to gather information about you. Click HERE to Email Oregon Legal Center to request a call back from an attorney.  Alternatively, you can contact Laurie Cook at 503 635-6234 who will take down your information and have an attorney contact you. Please contact Oregon Legal Center to get started. 

Step 2.   Information Gathering About  Your Assets.  When contacted by an attorney, you will be offered the choice of providing information online or providing information at an office conference. Estate planning involves planning the transfer of your assets when you pass away. In order for the attorney to properly advise you he has to know what assets you own.  Gathering information about assets is a time-consuming process. To the extent that attorney and paralegal time is reduced, the client can save money. Oregon Legal Center provides a $500 discount from the regular fee to clients who provide information online about their assets using Hot Docs Document Services. The attorney can provide you with a link so you can provide this information online. All the information is encrypted and password protected. Attorney time and paralegal time is reduced significantly because the information does not have to be retyped. If the client chooses not to provide asset information online, a meeting with the attorney will be scheduled to go over asset information, but the client does not receive the $500 discount. (There is a  link at the bottom of this page which explains how the Hot Docs Document Services works)

Step 3.  Office Conference To Discuss Your Options.  After you have  completed Step 1 and Step 2 you will  meet with the attorney and have all of your questions answered and tell the attorney about your goals and concerns. The attorney will make a recommendation as to what is the best estate plan for you. The attorney will show you the spreadsheet he has prepared showing all your assets. Once you decide how to proceed, a date will be selected for the signing of your estate planning documents.

Step 4. Office Conference To Sign Plan Documents.  Sign your Plan Documents at OLC’s office in West Linn. You pay for your plan when you sign the Plan Documents. Only when you are satisfied that the Estate Plan meets your needs, do you pay for your Plan by check or credit card.

Hot Docs Document Services Video

Watch a Video of how you can submit information about your assets using Hot Docs Document Services and get a $500 discount. Once the video starts to play be sure and make it Full Screen by clicking the square box in the bottom right-hand corner of the viewer. The video is a lot easier to follow in the full screen mode. It might be a little fuzzy for about 10 seconds but then it will come into focus.